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why Para

Why Para Westcoast Decor Centre

PARA, in the world of decorative consumer paint brands offers a wide range of fashionable paint products and colours with just the right shade that provides style to consumers, designers and professional painters.

People believe that painting is more than just decorating. It’s a way of expressing yourself in your home.

PARA believes that painting is a decor statement for the Canadian Home.

PARA is Decor, Colour Savvy and Canadian

“PARA Paints… Your home… Canadian Style.”
“PARA Paints… Bring home colours that Canada has to offer.”
“PARA Paints… It’s colour. It’s personal expression. It’s decorating… Canadian Style!”

PARA History

Founded in 1925 as the Toronto Paint & Wallpaper Company

Business built on 3 key principals

  • 1. High insistence on QUALITY
  • 2. Clear PERCEPTION of value
  • 3. Commitment to CUSTOMER SERVICE

1950 - Name change to PARA Paints

1955 - Moved to larger and more up to date manufacturing facility in Rexdale, Ontario
to match growth

1990 - Award winning manufacturing plant built to satisfy future growth
– Geographic expansion in Atlantic, Quebec western Canada

2008 - PARA is acquired by Comex Group to expand their marketshare acrossCanada
– Introduction of new “Colours With Style” colour system Westcoast Decor Centre Para

Why PARA Paints

Painting with PARA is more than just decorating, its a way of expressing yourself

PARA is almost 100 years old and has been making quality products since then

A Canadian company with products made in Canada

High quality – What do you mean by high quality?

All PARA products are made using the finest quality of raw materials

  • It gives you excellent hiding power
  • No touch up problems
  • No problems with darker colours for adhesion and coverage

Ceramic Microsphere surface protection – What do you mean by that?

  • Paint and primer all in one
  • Ultimate surface durability
  • Exceptional stain resistance
  • Superior scrubbability & washability
  • Lifetime guarantee of quality

Reasonably priced - Price lower than leading brands

Eco friendly, all products are low or zero V.O.C. – What does V.O.C. stand for?

  • Volatile Organic Compound
  • All organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary, room
    temperature conditions

Excellent Customer Service – What do you mean by that?

Here at Westcoast Centre we are committed to give the best customer service

  • Award winning, Customer Service Representative, Vinay Kumar as an owner
  • operator had an 18 year experience in the Paint Industry

  • Has quality, knowledgeable and professional team
  • On spot colour matching
  • On site colour consultants

PARA is very stylish, approachable, trendy and sell-assured

PARA reflects who I am

Bragging right… “I have PARA’s Colour on my wall”

Not only are 90% of designers are using PARA colours and Paints, Gemmi Award Winning Sarah Richardson host, co-producer and co-creator of three hit television series (Room Service Design Inc. and Sarah;s House). Bragg’s “I have PARA colour on my walls.”

PARA Paint Guarantee

PARA Paints guarantees the quality of its products.

They are in conformity with the description provided in the technical dada sheets and on the labels for which they are intended, as indicated by the company.

However, since the manufacturer has no control over the circumstances, the methods and the conditions appropriate to their intended used, this guarantee applies only to the high quality of Para products.

The statement below is printed on every PARA’s quart and gallon paper labels and every Para pail container.

Product application and surface conditions are beyond the manufacturer’s control. Liability, if any, is limited to replacement of product only. Labour or the cost of labour not included.

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