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Address : 763 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 2M2


Vancouver Paint Shop

Para Paints is a front running Vancouver paint shop offering an exclusive range of architectural paints, residential paints, exterior and interior paints, stains, varnishes, faux and finishing products and a complete range of other related products for your homes and businesses.

We believe in offering only the premium quality paint products to our customers. We are among the leading suppliers of paints and related products in North America and offer nothing but the best in exterior and interior décor needs. If you have a paint color requirement or whether you are looking for a particular style, then our color palette is all that you need.

We are one of the most trusted names in paints and related products in North America. We offer a complete range and durable products for making your walls a reflection of your true self. What more! We also bring the style and home décor genius of Sarah Richardson to you from her very own unique collection hand-picked exclusively by her for our customers.