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PARA Palette

PARA Palette

Visit our Vancouver Paint Shop for Ultimate Color Shopping

Nothing works like the splash of vibrant, bright colors on your walls. If you are a romantic and want your house to have the warm, welcoming feeling then paint it red using ultra premium finish. If you want the guests to be impressed by your choice, then a beige and white mix is classic and inviting. You can experiment with one and change it into the other, if you have the power of ultra interior paints with you.

West Coast Décor Centre offers the widest and the most selected collection of Para Paints for your home and offices. You can redo the interiors of your living space, bring more life, add colors, pep up the attraction quotient and reflect your mood through amazing set of colors that you choose from the Vancouver paint shop. Whether you want to choose the paints color or select a paint that suits your furniture or other accessories the most, West Coast Décor Centre is the right place for you!

We are the suppliers of the front-running paint brands, Para Paints. We also offer the exquisite color palettes selected by the popular TV presenter and interior design artist, Sarah Richardson. So, what are you waiting for? Come, and select from our wide range of Para Paints products and paint your house or office new and with more life!

Colour Ideas – Breezy

Drift away. Choose a palette reminiscent of the lightest linen dress on smooth, tanned skin. Digging your toes into warm, brown sugar sand. Blue skies that go on forever. The salt in the wind off the sea. Add a juicy burst of persimmon and you have an oasis, a place to abandon the everyday. This is sheer heaven.

Colour Ideas – Poised

As pretty as the blooming apple blossoms in spring. A delicate yet strong room that is a perfect balance of elegance and masculinity. Through the use of deep browns and hints of delightful pinks and violets, you’ll create a gender-neutral room that is welcoming to all. A dignified space that radiates self-confidence.